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WCI 001

WCI 002

Being sick for almost 3 days and can't do anything accept just stay and be a good boy at home. Flu and tonsillitis simply are the worse combination for me. 

   So, back to my earlier plan to attend the KLPF next week and fyi, I did register for the Canon Photo-marathon a week after that. I'm a Nikon user but they said it doesn't matter. I'm not convince by that, so I check through the internet and surprisingly, the previous winner for this competition is an Olympus user from Penang. The event committee chosed street photography as the theme for this year. Hopefully I can gain some experience from this event. Wish me luck.. :) (Okay, will go to clinic after this..wish me luck on that too.. LOL) - Shot these using "kamera pinjam".

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  1. pitonbj says:

    gojes. Like dat "touch up" hehehe