Hello September


We are already in September after saying goodbye to August, and can't wait to be in October.

   It's been a while since my last post for this blog. Due to some personal things, I can't manage my times to check and post on my blog. Will be back to KL next week and hopefully can start my portraiture project again.

   Didn't snap any new photos since I put my time management on other high priority things. Hopefully you guys still not consider this blog as "abandoned". 

   Anyway, I hope it's not to late to wish Happy Raya for all my moslem friends. Extra careful while driving and be polite when visit to other people's house..LOL :) 

(Both photos not quite sharp cos I used the manual focus. It's not a big problem I guess. These are examples when I try to "train" my eyes with the manual focusing. Try it for yourself..good for your eyes..LOL)