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Shoot this with the previous post. Well, didn't go anywhere accept did go to KK on the 29th. FYI, Header already have a title. It's simple but I like it rather than nothing. Did change the watermark but I'm too lazy to create something better. I think it's okay for me to use that atm. Talking about this month, August is my favorite month of all months. Every people have their favorite one and mine is August cos I was born on this month. Lucky still alive until now lol. Thank God. (Owhya, to all my moslem friends: Happy Ramadhan and good luck on fasting. Do some good deeds. To my close friends there at Selangor: I miss to go bazaar ramadhan with you guys. Be good and please MINUS the @^%#$%#!!! words!)

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  1. Joel says:

    Thanks Mahira~ ^^v