Be Still

 No Whiskey For You
No Ghost

We No Belong In This Place

Been keeping and working with these three photos for a days and I can't figure out what is the best output I want to come up with. Either mono or technicolor. So, chose the "favorite" way. BnW. I think the final output is not that good cos I still feel unsatisfied. It's a glass and ice cube. I can't figure out a better idea nowadays. LOL (Taken using kit-lens and one source light. All subtitles are randomly figured. You all have to guess what is the meaning of all that. LOL no idea...I miss to shoot portraiture.) =_='

6 Responses so far.

  1. All of them are beautiful! BW does make them look very classic and timeless :) The third is my fav! Awesome job man :D

  2. Joel says:

    LOL. thanks for the C&C mahira~

  3. Jeremiah says:

    Nice photos man. The third is my fave too :D

  4. Joel says:

    thanks jer for the C&C

  5. Jessica says:

    really nice!! I like the 3rd the most too! :)