I hope it's not too late to post these photos. These are some photos I took about a month ago while attending the Ka'amatan Festival here at kampong (Kota Belud). The committee members had conduct a 4x4 challenge and that's the reason why I was there for the first place. Didn't into that much in other programs such as singing competition or whatever, so I don't have any photos for it. Well, for this also, I didn't snap much and these photos also are the "survivor" from my hard drive after my laptop 'hangkang'. 
   Using bro's laptop didn't gave me much pleasure and satisfaction cos for the simple reason, it's not mine! Owhya, noticed bout my photos recently? Yepp, it's all in Black and White cos I think I'm addicted to a B&W photos atm. I don't know until when, but I'm sure I'll be back with colors in the not so far future. 
   Holiday will end in a month and still thinking that I'm so not ready to end it. Will "go for a walk" somewhere and snap photos again. Last but not least, to all my followers thanks for keep following this blog. I promise, nice things will come after this *finger crossed

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  1. Ru Bie says: nampak ci Libo and Leo.... kan3x!! terlepas dis peluang to see 4x4..aiyaaa............. pics pun jadi la~~~~

  2. Joel says:
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  3. Joel says:

    Libo xda tu. Dia p Manila time tu. Leo adala. Tu la ko xbalik