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Did go to KK last week with a mission to buy a Lomo film from someone. Did buy 3 films from that guy with a reasonable price. Next step is to buy a Lomo cam. A good one, also with acceptable price (I hope). Rules number one, Lomo is always about the budget, price and quality. Rules number two, the cheaper the better but also can give you a good result for your output. Stop by at the old post office and snap some photos before went back to KB. I think it's a curse or maybe a must to all Sabahan photography enthusiast to snap around at this area. Well, did saw some blog that post these kind of photos in the exact area. There's no wrong with that. Everyone should have their chance and mine already came. It's cool that people come to this spot and snap around. It's a good spot but, kinda boring if you hang out a little bit too long. There's nothing there, just a place for some people to express their feelings trough art.   (I call it lukisan cakar ayam rather than graffiti. LOL )

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  1. Jeremiah says:

    there are lomo films and camera sold at suria :D i think its at ripcurl or something.

  2. Joel says:

    Srsly?? I din no week will go check lorr. thnx for the info jer.