Hello July

 A Flower for July

It's been a month or more after the last post and it's quite boring for me cos didn't snap anything even until now. Well, This post is just to make me sure of myself if I still have or not the 'magic' to snap something. Being busy with work and other stuff. Have to find my own money for my last semester. Will post again. c ya soon! (Still have a couple months to go and I can't wait to being a 'school boy' again. LOL)

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  1. hi joel! thank you for the comment that u gave! do u want me to give some kind of tips for u persoally? or in general? hahahaha, im not an expertise, really >.<

    btw, i really like ur works. i love photography n i hope i can shoot just as good as u do!

    pls have a wonderful day :)