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120 R2

Did change my blog title. After a year using the previous title, I've decided to change it. Well, for no reason (boring with nothing to do atm). For this post, my photos aren't related to what I wrote here. This is just an information to my readers. Owhya, another info for you guys, please check the Photography Enthusiast at the sidebar. I did put a new link there. Just another new friend. I think, it's okay to follow him cos I know there's a lot of good photographs he can offer for us to see and I think, it's good to be a supporter for local enthusiast. Like ourselves. Enough of that. Let's roll to the photos. Taken around Wisma. I bet you know where is that place and no need to explain where (really? LOL). That's exactly the spot where I met the guy who sold his Lomo film to me. Okay, blog's header also changed. ( so many changes, hopefully still produce a good effort here (: )