Color & Redscale

Did buy an analogue cam from local camera shop. This cam is under the drawer like for a years. It's dusty when I bought it but still, can't fight the temptation to have it. So, I did buy this cam and it cost me RM35.00. It's not a Lomo cam but to have a analogue for me, is a must cos playing cameras without trying the analogue one is kinda weird and not right. 
   Will save some money to buy the real Lomo cam next time. Will aim for Lomo 135 or maybe Holga 135. I can't find a nice link for my cam brand. Owhya, it's Odette btw. If you guys can find a better link, please inform me. I bought the fix lens one. So, for the film, I use the Lomo color film ISO400 to test the cam. Hope it can produce a good result. It's all about plastic. (Shoot these photos using white backdrop and two speedlite. Did edit in CS5. So noob when it comes to editing!)
p/s The speedlite mounted on the cam is not mine. I just borrow it to make my new cam look good and yepp, it's Vivitar!

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  1. Joel says:

    haha..still wondering how the photos will look like. btw, thanks Mahhira! :)