Like An Angel




I pick this title because I really like the angel word. I don't know why but ya, again, I like it a lot. Maybe because of ANGELina Jolie...(JOKING). Well, this is my friend's idea to snap them in their custom but I have the freedom on How, When, and Where...they did the What. (thanks to Euracial and Amber coz let me have a big freedom on this photoshoot)
Theme: Like An Angel
Style: Buttercream Vintage
Talent: Amber Tan

4 Responses so far.

  1. Joel says:

    well thanks Mahira~

  2. Euracial says:

    As usual...great pictures...i love them! nice article with a good writer..=)
    as i's our honor for having u as photographer...^^V
    Billion Thanks Joel....our dear friend...

  3. Joel says: big deal...LOL