Devil May Smile




Same Photoshoot session with my previous post but another different theme. (Sorry for the poor lighting because I only have 1 speedlite at that time.)
Theme: Devil May Smile
Style: CLS, Vintage
Talent: Euracial

6 Responses so far.

  1. Joel says:

    again...thanks a lot! lol

  2. Euracial says:

    OMG!!!! 0.o
    i super duper in love with the 3rd picture!!!! (it already my laptop wallpaper LOL)
    thanks again joel...for giving me such a nice photo that i never thought i would have one...=)
    Billion Billion thanks!

  3. Joel says:

    oonce's pleasure...LOL

  4. Jeremiah says:

    strange.. I honestly thought I commented on this post. hahahha but i really like the third one. great colors :D

  5. Joel says:

    @jer, just playing with colors...LOL