Anak Adi

 Lundayeh's Decur

2 days after my trip to Long Pasia as an official photographer for my friend's wedding and here I am, posting something nice to this blog. The trip was fun and I learn a lot of things from people around there. Me and my friend decided to arrange a simple but nice photoshoot session before the wedding rehearsal. Will post more photos from my trip after this. "Anak Adi" means pretty girl in Lundayeh's tongue. Well, my friend told me that. She's (girl in the photo) Until then. (wanna improve my CLS skill more after this) XD

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  1. Joel says:

    hahaxx...thanks XD

  2. Love the pict:) The lady in it is so beautiful:) Hope u cud do a shot on me ~Winks~


  3. Jessica says:

    you really shud teach me how!! Nice one!!

  4. Joel says:

    Getzz: okay...will do it for u..but who are u btw? *wink

    RuBy: satu ja...xboleh

    Jessica: I will..let's meet again~

  5. You cud just visit my page then... U'll know me from there~ Winks~
    -Am here again!