Eiffel... I'm in love

Je t'aime
Dedicated to someone special. She really knows me. and I have special relationship with her. She has a special place in my heart. Thinking of going to travel with her. In Paris. I promised to her. (Took this photo at my friend's house. When I saw this, I suddenly remember the promise that I made to her. Cross my heart. I'll bring you there.) XD

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  1. Jessica says:

    awww.. this is really sweet~~ thanks sweetie! ^______________^

  2. Nice! :D Hope you two will really go there someday! :D (and bring me some souveniers) lol hehehe

  3. Joel says:

    lol~ thanks...(sure I'll do~)

  4. Jessica says:

    mahira: haha.. hopefully~~ *crossed finger*

    hunny: sure?? hahaha... kidding! :-*

  5. DanzoN says:

    It's simple but it's great photograph. ^^

  6. both the photo and the message are so beautiful. good job!